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Access Pro Tool Kit V4 - Better Quality, Compact Design, Professional Tools.





Access Pro Tool Kit is made to unlock latest major Video game console in the market. After several versions, we improved the whole quality and changed partial tools to suit the users' demands.Access Pro Tool Kit also a must have tool set for DIY lover to modify and repair their console and controller, and even repair mobile device such as ipod, iphone, cell phone and so on.
If you are looking for some tools to unlock your Video game console, Access Pro Tool Kit is the best choice.With this tool set, you are not worry what tools you should use to unlock your console, since we provide the complete you need.

In this version, we designed a new tool box with fashionable color and added expand screw bit slot. You are able to put your favor screw bit now.Also, Flash shape unlock tool bringing your tools more gamer style. Access Pro Tool Kit v.4 is not just a Professional Tools, smart tools set too. We made everything to improve your experience. Try it today !

[ Compitable with : XBox 360 , XBox 360 Slim , PS3 , PS3 Slim , PS2 , PStwo , Wii , Gamecbue , PSP , PSP Go , PSP Slim , PS Vita , NDS , NDS Lite , NDSi , Gameboy ( all above included console and controllers ), iPhone , iPod , Nokia Mobile , Motorola Mobile, Sony Ericsson Mobile and way much more. ]



Tool Includes:
Precision screwdriver handle with locking mechanism
Flash Quick Unlock Tool (for xbox 360 slim)
Xbox 360 unlock kit
Plastic Prying tools Set
iPhone sim card eject pin
Suction cup

High Quality Screw Bits included:
Torx 4
Torx 5
Torx 6 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 8 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 10 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 15 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 20 with hole (tamper resistant)
Hex size 0.05 (tamper resistant)
Phillips 000
Phillips 00
Phillips 0
Phillips 1
Nintendo GC Screwbit
Triwing 00
Triwing 01
Pentalobe (5-points star)